This is a great place for us to discuss our use of many different tools in technology.  I have years of working with technology on and off the web.  So, I have tried all different types of hardware, software, and online services.

I hope I come up with some things that help you to make better decisions on these kind of products.

One of my areas of expertise is tools for solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.  I have been self employed for nearly 30 years, so I constantly look at products and services from a standpoint of a self-employed person.  This can be good and bad.  Mostly good, but it leaves me a little un-empathetic of people that choose to be employed their whole lives instead of taking some risks and enjoying a truly fun life as an entrepreneur.

Take my reviews and opinions with a little caution.  I am giving you my opinion.  I may not always be right (but I am never wrong).