Top Hosting for WordPress Blogs 2016 – inmotion Hosting

Top Hosting for WordPress Blogs 2016 – inmotion Hosting

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So, I am going to start my review of hosting companies with InMotion.  I found them about a year ago after wrestling with another hosting company where my FTP kept getting hacked.  When I started investigating Inmotion, I thought they looked good and they seemed to have a good reputation on the web.  But, I was thrilled when they actually returned my presale phone calls.  They had a real person, somewhere in the USA, call me and spend time answering my concerns about protecting my sites from hacks.

Inmotion Cpanel

I signed up with them and gave them a 1 year commitment.  I am glad that I did.  They assisted me in moving all my websites to their server.  The one big issue that I ran into was that I carried over a nasty little trojan that had been planted while on my previous host.  So, for the first 3 weeks, my sites would be quarantined.  This was a huge protection mechanism by Inmotion.  It was a little bit of a pain in the ass because I had to find the trojan.  I lent up downloading all of my sites to my Mac via FTP.  Once on the Mac, I ran a free virus/malware scan called bitdefender to locate the problem files.  Once I knew where they were, I went back on my hosted files with FTP and removed the files.  Took a while but it was not tough to do.

Back to the quality of Inmotion.  I have to say ‘excellent’.  Servers run fast, very reliable, and easy to use.  They have Cpanel for controlling and setting up sites.  They also have a installer script for adding WordPress blogs (or other CMS systems).  As someone that hosts over 60 blogs for myself and clients, I really appreciate Inmotion.  They get my highest marks for top hosting for WordPress Blogs in 2016.

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