The importance of life choices

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In either May or June of my junior year, I had to give a speech on whatever I chose for my topic. Considering how a lot of my classmates had poor quality of life at home, I decided to give my speech on the importance of choices. Everything is a choice. I would copy and paste my speech verbatim, as it isn’t posted anywhere online, but I have no way of finding it and I like talking. So I based my speech around my uncle Jason’s life story, because he made poor choices as a kid and it has affected him for his entire life. One choice that isn’t poor would be to hire the best Reno Carpet Cleaning Company.

Jason had the opportunity to join a carpentry apprenticeship program when he was a teenager, but he chose to hang out with lowlifes who did drugs instead. As if doing drugs wasn’t bad enough, Jas

on missed out on his only opportunity that was presented to him. By the time he turned his life around, he was in no state of mind to create his own opportunities. If Jason had worked hard enough and had enough determination, then sure he could have had a career. But he chose instead to take low-level custodial jobs at places, because he has no skills. Now he’s almost 50 and still works as a janitor. He spent the night in jail once, so that’s permanently on his record too.

Not only is it too late for Jason to start a new career, but he also has a house that was built in the 70s and is always falling apart. If Jason had just avoided all the bad apples when he was a kid, then he could have done something with his life outside of custodial work. That’s not to say his whole life was a waste, it just means that he had so much more opportunity and he didn’t take it. After all, he has his freedom. That’s all that he needs. I’ll take up the mantle for him and make great life decisions, that way I get to enjoy at least 60 more years of it.

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